What should know before approaching Interior Designer?

Home is your personal space and it needs to be the best. It should be a place where you can relax and get relief from all the stress and hectic life that you live outside. It should be a place where you can get rid of all the clutter from your mind. It therefore needs to be the best and must look eye pleasing and beautiful. So just keep a few basic tips in mind when you decide to design your home so that you have the home of your dreams.

1. Make it your style statement :
Your house should be mirror image of your personality. It should create an impression of what you are. Decorate your home with accessories and artifacts which will speak your mind. Be creative and bring out the designer in you. Try to decorate the walls with memories like a collage of family photographs or a wall hanging or an aesthetic painting which speaks about your mind and your style.

2. Keep space in mind :
You might want to dump in lots of things but keep in mind the space of your room. You don’t want it to look like a messy place with lots of clutter. Space management is of utmost importance .Decorate your house but make sure that you have enough space to move about. The less dumping you do the more spacious and livable and lovable it will be appear. Also the furniture that you opt for should befitting for the size of the room. Don’t use bulk furniture for a small room as it will look absolute mismatch.

3. Make sure that you stack things for a purpose :
Make sure that all the furniture and accessories that you buy have a purpose. Don’t stack them just because they are pretty or just because somebody has them. Be sure whether it matches your style and comfort and whether it has a purpose. Let it not be a waste piece occupying space. The more waste materials you keep getting in the more space constraint you will have and one fine day you will realize that you do not have enough space to buy something that is actually required for the house.

4. Add a touch of glamour to your life :
Take care of your comfort and luxury and do your interiors that add glamour and color to your home. Make sure not to make it look gaudy or don’t overdo it but surely try to make it look rich and classy. For this you can paint your walls innovatively like one wall can be of a rich and dark color and the rest of the walls with a color that complements it. Buy accessories and lighting equipment which look trendy and stylish and create a rich ambience. You may have to shell out a few extra bucks but then when you are creating the palace of your dreams a little spending is always allowed.

Keep these simple rules in mind while designing your dream home. Take the help of an experienced interior designer for the purpose and design a home which will be glamorous and beautiful and at the same time it will be your den; your comfort zone where you can relax and be happy.

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