Interior Design Ideas for Your Modern Home

We all like living in beautiful homes. The way you do your interiors plays an important in making your home look beautiful and presentable. Whenever one talks about interiors of the home we feel that a large amount of money will have to be spent to deck up your modest abode. But that is not true. You will be surprised to know that interior cost is only 15 % of the total sum of investment and a well designed home makes it worth living in. You can use some novel methods to decorate your home. Mentioned below are few such points that you need to focus on while doing the interiors of your home.

1. Colors :
The colors that you use to paint your rooms are of utmost importance. Choose colors that will make your home look sober yet stylish. You can use a single color for all the walls of the room. These can be subtle shades or you can color one wall with a bold color and paint the adjacent walls with a complementary lighter shade. You also need to take care that the wall color matches up with the furniture color.

2. Furniture :
Furniture that you select should look graceful .It should be sturdy but not bulky. Keep it simple like select a couch of a neutral color and have a coffee table or side table which has a metallic finish and a glass top. The cabinets can be of a darker shade; depending on the color of the walls.

3. Lighting :
To make your home more appealing and beautiful lighting plays an important role. It is not just fitting up a bulb or tube light in a corner. It needs innovative thinking. You need to understand where exactly the spot light needs to be places. You can also put up lights in cabinets with glass doors. Make you of trendy table lamps and lampshades. Placement of lighting should make your home look bright and likeable.

4. Accessories :
Decorations and accessories play a vital role in improving the aesthetic value of your home. Make use of wall hangings or paintings. You can also put up family photos; here you need to be prudent in selecting the photo frames. You can also use flowers or even plants to deck up your house.

5. Select a good interior designer :
You can put all your worries at bay by opting for a good interior designer. One who will take care of all the designing and restructuring of you home and make it look stylish and beautiful and will also take care of your budget. Mr Joby Joseph is one such interior designer par excellence and he is based at Bangalore.

So a good interior designer and lots of creative thinking will definitely make your home look modern and attractive.

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