Five key Tips to interior Design Small Spaces

A small space has a number of benefits. It is cost effective, less wasteful and requires less cleaning. Besides requiring less maintenance they also offer a cozy atmosphere. It can also be fun decorating small spaces though that too requires planning and innovation. Mentioned below are few tips that will help you design your small space more effectively.

1. Select furniture prudently :
Don’t use oversize furniture as it will look bulky and will consume more space. While designing small spaces always remember to keep enough space to move around. So you can select a simple wall unit in which you can place all the material Also make sure not to buy bulky sofa sets. Always go for compact furniture. You can also opt for folding furniture like a side table which can open up and be used as a dining table. Make use of bean bags which can be shifted from one room to the other with ease.

2. Use space for multiple purposes :
Use a wall bed or a folding dining table so that you can fold it up after use so that there is ample space available for other purposes. You can tuck up the bed to the wall in the day time and use that space as children’s study room etc. You can use compact furniture in the bedroom so that there is space to put up a table and chair and use that up as a study space. You can also have a small book shelf with a side table which can be your own personal library.

3. Selecting the right color :
There are a number of shades and colors which actually make your room look bigger. Use these colors to paint up your rooms. Use cool colors as they will make the room appear larger. You can seek expert advice to select the right shade. You can also play with colors. For example you can paint one wall with a darker shade and rest of the walls can be painted with shades which complement the color of that particular wall.

4. Get enough light and air :
Getting enough light and air is one of the best ways to make small space look larger and spacious. So light up the rooms in the best possible way and also make sure that there is enough ventilation so that there is sufficient air flow in the room. Make sure that the windows are large enough so that there is enough airflow .Also seek the guidance of an expert like interior designer for the placement of lights so that there is enough brightness and also helps create a beautiful ambience.

5. Use of Mirrors :
Mirrors are a great way of making tiny space look larger. Select furniture that has mirror work. The placement also should be perfect so that the space appears larger. Pay a little extra attention to the placement of the dressing table or the cupboards with mirror in the bedroom so that it appears larger.

Because you have a small space does not mean that you have to cramp it up. It deserves to be decorated well, after all it is your comfort zone and it has to be spacious and the best. The best way to design small space would be to seek the help of a professional interior designer who will work out the best possible design to make your small space look bigger and comfortable.

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