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Five key Tips to interior Design Small Spaces

A small space has a number of benefits. It is cost effective, less wasteful and requires less cleaning. Besides requiring less maintenance they also offer a cozy atmosphere. It can also be fun decorating small spaces though that too requires planning and innovation. Mentioned below are few tips that will help you design your small space more effectively.

1. Select furniture prudently :
Don’t use oversize furniture as it will look bulky and will consume more space. While designing small spaces always remember to keep enough space to move around. So you can select a simple wall unit in which you can place all the material Also make sure not to buy bulky sofa sets. Always go for compact furniture...


Clever Ways to Make Big Home Changes on a Small Budget

We all want to live life king-size and in our quest for that perfect high life we strive to make our homes the best. We all crave to have a palatial home with all the modern amenities and to realize our dream we are ready to go that extra mile. But we all have that one important constraint and that is “budget”. But then there are some superb ways whereby you can make some stupendous changes with a small budget. Read on to known some clever ways to make big home changes with a small budget.

1. Lay emphasis on crown molding :
Crown molding helps bring the ceilings and the walls together so that that the rooms look well-designed and stylish. Remember in the absence of this finishing your room will shabby ...


Inspiring Interior Decoration style with Natural Elements

We all love being close to nature. The serenity and the calmness have a calming effect on our heart and mind and we feel relaxed. But given the hectic life and work schedules that we all work on it is not possible for most of us to enjoy the beauty of nature. In that case it is best to get nature into your homes. Don’t know how to go about it? Well here are some tips for nature inspired home décor.

1. Wallpaper :
Select wallpaper which is nature inspired like that of trees or blue sky or even flowing water. You can add up a little more life to the wallpaper by putting up accessories like small birds on the tree.

2. Use of wooden accessories :
Use a wooden wall clock or wooden wall hanging. You can also select the pendulum clock or clock with the sound of chirping birds.



Create Harmony and purpose meaning for design

It is important that we have the best designs to make our homes look beautiful but it is of utmost importance that we create harmony between design elements so that they look in sync with each other. No one wants their home to look a cluttered and messy place. Here are a few tips that you can follow in order to create more visual harmony in your home.

1. Maintaining visual balance :
One must always take care to maintain visual balance in the rooms. That is don’t stack all bulk pieces of furniture in one side of the room while the other side is totally empty. You have to learn to maintain the visual weight in order to make the home visually more appealing. Check with your interior designer as he will be able to help you with the perfect placement of the furniture in your house.



Interior Design Ideas for Your Modern Home

We all like living in beautiful homes. The way you do your interiors plays an important in making your home look beautiful and presentable. Whenever one talks about interiors of the home we feel that a large amount of money will have to be spent to deck up your modest abode. But that is not true. You will be surprised to know that interior cost is only 15 % of the total sum of investment and a well designed home makes it worth living in. You can use some novel methods to decorate your home. Mentioned below are few such points that you need to focus on while doing the interiors of your home.

1. Colors :
The colors that you use to paint your rooms are of utmost importance. Choose colors that will make your home look sober yet stylish. You can use a single color for all the walls of the room...


May not require to spent extra money for interior decoration

Professional expert interior designer always expensive, because an expert has standards for design and quality. They are different from interior worker, May not require to spent extra money for budgetary projects.

Home is the place which is very dear to everyone’s heart and when you buy a new house or are renovating your existing house a lot of thinking and yes money also needs to be poured in. We all want the interiors to be the best but we have our own budget constraints and we start looking for cheaper options which will suit our financial plan. In this pursuit for cheapness the first compromise that we make is decide not to hire an interior designer .Instead we go in for a carpenter or a contractor who we feel will be able to do justice to our interiors at a less budget...


What should know before approaching Interior Designer?

Home is your personal space and it needs to be the best. It should be a place where you can relax and get relief from all the stress and hectic life that you live outside. It should be a place where you can get rid of all the clutter from your mind. It therefore needs to be the best and must look eye pleasing and beautiful. So just keep a few basic tips in mind when you decide to design your home so that you have the home of your dreams.

1. Make it your style statement :
Your house should be mirror image of your personality. It should create an impression of what you are. Decorate your home with accessories and artifacts which will speak your mind. Be creative and bring out the designer in you...


Your Home Interior – A reflection of your personality

With vast urbanization of the society people today are putting lot of emphasis on their outer look which they want to be in sync with their personality. This includes their styling and grooming, the food that they eat, the ways speak and even the way they do their homes. People today are ready to spend that little extra money to set up an abode which is a reflection of their personality. For example a person who is from the background of music and dance will surely want a room dedicated to his instruments. If that is not enough he will want the interiors to be designed in a way which will reflect his love for music.

This will include not just the accessories but also the furniture and the walls...